25 January 2015
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Twin Wall and Fittings

Twin Wall Pipes and Fittings

twin wall pipes and fittings

We stock twin wall drainage pipe from 100mm to 3100mm diameter. We stock 6m lengths and are available in fully perforated, half perforated or non perforated formats.

We also keep a full range of couplers, seals, bends, junctions and adaptors for the twin wall pipe.

Applications include:

  • Culvert crossings
  • Land drainage
  • Ditch piping
  • Storm water drainage
  • Gully piping
  • Lightweight twin wall pipe (6 metre lengths)
  • Strong (Twin wall and corrugated)
  • Smooth inner wall for increased flow capacity
  • Resistant to naturally occurring chemicals
  • Can be installed at depths from 0.5 to 10metres

  • Full range of fittings available
  • BBA, HAPAS Roads & Bridges Agreement Cert No 02/H069
  • Reduced Plant and labour costs
  • Faster Installation as 6m lengths mean fewer joints
  • Elimination of waste compared to traditional pipe
  • Twin wall pipe can easily be cut on site

Twin Wall Fittings and Accessories

twin wall pipe fittings and accessories

CorriPipe Bends

Range of bends including 30, 45 and 90 from 150mm to 300mm available from stock.

CorriPipe Equal Tees

Range of sizes of equal Tees from150mm to 300mm available from stock.

CorriPipe Unequal Tees

Range of sizes of unequal Tees from 150mm to 300mm available from stock.


CorriPipe Adaptors

corripipe adaptors

To connect twin wall to single wall sewer are available from 150mm to 300mm for 6", 9" & 12"pipes.

Twinwall Fittings:
TC150/SWS6" TC225/SWS9" TC225/SWS9"

CorriPipe Unequal Y's

corripipe adaptors

Range of sizes from 150mm to 300mm available from stock.

Twinwall Fittings:
225/150TY45 300/225TY45 300/150TY45 375/150TY45

CorriPipe Sewer Tee's

corripipe adaptors

To T-off Twin Wall Pipe to 4inch/6inch single wall sewer. Range of fittings include:

Twinwall Fittings:
150/SWS6"TT90 225/SWS6"TT90 300/SWS6"TT90 375/SWS6"TT90

CorriPipe Fabricated Fittings

All of the above fittings are available to order in larger sizes i.e. 375mm, 450mm, and 600mm.

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Looking for GIANT Twin wall? Visit here for sizes above 600mm 

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